Testing 1, 2, 3…

Warning: I will probably spam you every time I come back from holiday.

I’m currently planning a wedding in Italy next year (now its 2019 and I can officially say that!). I’ve been planning this since July 2018 when the love of my life proposed! We bought a house together in the South East of the UK early last year, and are also fur baby parents to a semi-aggressive cat called Hamish.

I’m currently an Assistant Estimator for a large construction company – and I love it! I won’t bore you with the details for now but I’m sure I will share a post or two about construction related topics and why construction is a great career to choose…

My other half is a Finance Business Partner, and hence – we are strapped for time whenever it comes to travelling. Nonetheless, we’ve managed to achieve the following with our travels:

17 countries together in 4.5 years around full-time work
23 countries visited combined

I’m starting the blog as a hobby mostly – I have an ongoing joke that I should charge for my services as a light baggage packer for holidays… as I am a self-proclaimed professional at avoiding baggage fees on flights! I will be sharing my tips for travelling light, on a budget and with limited time.

See you around!


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