Eco Review 2: Eco Bumble Hair Ties

What is it?

I quickly came across Eco Bumble after a quick search on Etsy for some plastic free/ environmentally friendly alternative products. Based in Manchester, Eco Bumble produce hair ties from natural rubber in lieu of synthetic rubber. According to their marketing, synthetic hair ties can take up to 500 years to degrade and hence, are non recyclable and will end their life in landfill.

The hair ties sell at £3.95 for two hair ties of contrasting black and natural colour. Alternatively, you can get five for £6.95 or ten hair ties for £10.95. These prices include post & packaging, which – may I add – is all plastic free. Eco Bumble also kindly gifted two hair scrunchies to try out and review, which retail at £3.95 each.

What were the good things about the product?

I took an instant liking to the gifted scrunchies, particularly the black one photographed below. The material was soft and so, it was comfy and snag free in my hair. The rubber in all of the bands was sufficient to loosely hold a bun in my hair with just one loop, but if I needed something more secure I could twist the band up to three times for a stronger hold. Surprisingly, the bands felt like they still had more stretch to give, rather feeling like they are at the breach of their elasticity like all hair ties I have worn before.

To put the elasticity and hold to the ultimate test, I wore the hair ties to my twice weekly netball games before we shut down for Christmas/ tier 3/ tier 4. I didn’t have many doubts after my initial trial of the them, but you’d be pleased to read that they passed the test with flying colours. My hair was kept firmly in place and I didn’t feel the requirement to re-tie my hair every quarter as normal.

To add to the great product performance, the bands are extremely good value for money at less than £2 each. You’ll also get comfort in knowing that the purchase is supporting a very small business.

Something I absolutely love about Eco Bumble is that their no fancy packaging approach. Not only does the service feel personable because the product arrives in a hand written envelope, but they openly acknowledge the environmental benefits to a no thrills package.

What were the bad things about the product?

I found the basic hair ties very tight to begin with; too tight to wear comfortably on my wrist. It was for this reason that I instantly favoured the scrunchies above the plain bands. Unfortunately however, the scrunchies aren’t always available as they are made from discarded off cuts and therefore will only appear for sale as materials are available.

When considering the durability and longevity of the hair ties, I found a small hole in my scrunchie by the end of the month… but nothing a small stitch wouldn’t fix! I can also feel the pressure of my most used scrunchie loosening. Although, the hold is still much better than others I have used from leading high street stores – I suppose I would describe this as a “worn in” effect.

The last thing that is somewhat a negative to the brand, is that because they are such a tiny brand, they don’t appear very high on a Google search. The search results appear mixed and the name also seems to belong to a eco nappy product… It’s certainly not a problem for me, but if you are trying to find Eco Bumble, it’s best to search for them on Etsy!

Would I use the product again?

110%. Absolutely. Without a doubt.

In fact, I’m not sure I will look anywhere else for hair ties again! These hair ties appear a fraction of the price of other alternatives, which they proudly flaunt as an opportunity for people to make a small change… I’ve also seen Eco Bumble on Instagram condemning over consumption on Black Friday (honestly, I couldn’t love this brand more).

In conclusion, I don’t even this product should be reviewed as an eco alternative, they’re simply the best hair ties I own: eco or not eco.

What are the alternatives?

Kooshoo – an alternative if you want more variety of colour.

Kooshoo offer a very similar products, but in a much wider variety of colours… if that’s a little more up your street. These do however, come at a higher price tag of £13.25 for five hair ties. Kooshoo also sell scrunchies of other sites, but again these are more expensive at £22 for two.

Agnes LDN – an alternative if you want readily available scrunchies.

You can get two scrunchies for £7.50 from Agnes LDN, who – similarly to Eco Bumble – utilise offcuts of fabrics to make the scrunchies. Although, I can’t confirm if the bands are made from natural or synthetic rubber… unfortunately I can’t find the information on their direct website or on their advertisers websites.

Or you can always make your own scrunchie?

Agnes LDN also provide a DIY scrunchie kit, which could maybe keep you occupied in lockdown number 3? Fabric patterns will vary in this kit however, so you can’t be sure of which design you will receive.

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