Eco Review 4: Wild Natural Deodorant

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What is it?

If you are into your eco replacements – and you haven’t heard of Wild Deodorant – have you been living under a rock?! I kid, but they are a pretty big contender in the world of green swaps, and have regular celeb endorsements too.

If you are new to this brand, they are a natural, vegan friendly deodorant. The difference and attraction to their product however, is that it is refillable (and the refills are plastic free). You can buy an aluminium case once (£7), and then buy or subscribe to cardboard encased refills which fit into the case and roll up. The subscription refills are £5, and are delivered at a rate of one per month. Alternatively, you can complete a one-off purchase which gives you a case and three refills for £25. Refill packs without a subscription can be purchased for £18 for three – so a little more at £6 each.

Admittedly, I usually like to give my reviews to lesser known products. But – I had heard mixed reviews for Wild and needed to try it for myself…

What was good about this product?

Before even using the product, I need to praise the marketing & social media for Wild Deodorant. Much like my experience with Smol on my last review, the active social media and buzzword crazy web site really do hook you in. The team are interactive and do make you feel like you are doing your bit for the planet! The design team have evidently nailed the product and its functionality, and I haven’t heard any bad reviews of this product from that perspective. It’s also pretty quirky that you can personalise your deodorant case for an extra £2.

Wild Deodorant have a nice – and arguably neutral – set of scents. They occasionally release limited edition scents, but at the time of writing this is the current selection: Sandalwood & Patchouli, Fresh Cotton & Sea Salt, Jasmine & Mandarin Blossom, Lavender Haze, Coconut Dreams, Orange Zest, Bergamot Rituals, Mint & Eucalyptus. I opted for the Mint & Eucalyptus, and it was gorgeous. The neutral scent was sensible for my life, as I have shared deodorant with my partner for as long as I can remember. My sister also handed me a Bergamot Rituals, which smells equally as nice and neutral as the Mint & Eucalyptus.

I’ll be the first to admit that the product does work. This isn’t the first time I have used a natural deodorant, so this didn’t come as a surprise. To add some context, my partner also trialled this product and I also put the product to the “netball test”. Therefore, for me this product holds up well with intense exercise & works on my partners super hairy pits! Other natural deodorants didn’t actually leave a scent after immediate application, although they would stop any smell of body odour – however, with Wild I could still smell the scent later in the day, which is fabulous.

Each refill weighs 43 grams which will last around 4-6 weeks with daily use, which is why the subscription will send you a refill once a month. I actually found the product lasted for ages, especially considering that my partner & I were both using it. So, I don’t see running low being a problem on the subscription.

Speaking of subscription… I love that Wild give you the choice to either subscribe or complete a one off purchase. It’s often one or the other with eco-alternatives! I would certainly opt for the subscription if I were you, as it’ll stop you simply buying a supermarket alternative for ease when you are running low!

Convenient letterbox sized delivery for refills

What was bad about this product?

The first barrier for me with this product is that I had heard negative reviews from others. I had seen on Facebook, and also heard from close family & friends that the deodorant caused rashes or spots from blocking their pores. I didn’t experience this so I can’t complain, but recently Wild Deodorant have revised their three signature scents (Coconut Dreams, Bergamot Rituals and Jasmine & Mandarin Blossom) to be 100% baking soda free. Hopefully this helps some of those that have had a negative experience.

The other bad review I had heard was the products ability to ruin some of your best clothes. I’m talking white marks on black clothes & yellow marks on white clothes. This one I found a little more true to my experience. I’ve attached a photo below of my black sports bra! These marks did come out with a wash however, and I wasn’t brave enough to test it fully on my white clothes!

The last negative for me, is purely down to the price of the product. Even the cheapest option of the subscription refills would be £5 a month. For many (including myself), this is far beyond the price of Tesco’s Clubcard deal of the week. Our previous costs for deodorant were approx £1-2 a month. I can see how this is a barrier to a lot of prospective buyers… and that’s the cheapest price! If you don’t subscribe, the box of three refills for £18 just feels extortionate.

Would I use this product again?

Yes, I would. Despite what I had been warned, my experience with Wild Deodorant was a positive one. The neutral scents were a real winner for me, and I genuinely enjoyed using the product. In fact, I’m setting myself up a subscription as I type this. It’s important to state here, that for now I will be keeping an aerosol deodorant in the cupboard for when I’m wearing my finest whites. Overall however, the consumption of plastic in my deodorant use will be reduced.

My biggest grumblings were simply regarding the cost of the product. As with many eco-alternative products, the costs are high due to economies of scale with being a innovative product, and a relatively small business. However, in the same breath this also renders the product inaccessible to thousands. There isn’t much I can say about this, except that hopefully as products like this become more popular, they will become more accessible to all.

If you would like to try this product for less, you can enter “Stacey Cutten” in the “Been referred by a friend?” box at the checkout. You will also need my email which is “”. This will give you a FREE £7 case! Alternatively, you can try the code AFFXY10 for 10% off your first order. Unfortunately though, you can’t use these at the same time…

What are the alternatives?

Funky Soap London – 100% Natural Deodorant: If you are looking for a cheaper alternative

Although it’s not a roll on, this tub is £7.99 for a 70g tub. So, if we are working on Wild Deodorants calculations, this should last about 2 months… therefore it’s about £4 a month, and there is no obligation to subscribe. There are 4 scents to choose from.

Your Nature – Natural Deodorant Stick: If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, but still want a roll on

With 5 scents to chose from, Your Nature’s alternative is a similar price to the product recommended above. If you shop with WEARTH, you can collect reward points to spend on future purchases too.

Salt of the Earth – Natural Deodorant Crystal: If you are looking for minimal ingredients

Now this is something a little different! This Salt of the Earth product claims to be “the most natural plastic free deodorant”, as it only has one ingredient… mineral salts. If you shop with &Keep, you can purchase this product for the one-off price of £4.85, or choose the reduced subscription rate of £4.37. This product also claims that it leaves no white marks, so might be worth a try?!

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