Simple Living Challenge Week 1: Which festive decorations are staying?

Hey! How are you? Did you enjoy your festive celebrations? Now, I’m easing into 30 weeks of decluttering by starting with a relatively easy task…

In case you didn’t catch my post before Christmas, my aim for 2022 is to continue to strive for a simple life. I have noted down 30 carefully targeted goals for decluttering, and I’m going to post about them weekly primarily as a way of staying accountable – but also to encourage me to consistently write. This is more of an open diary, but hey – if this even motivates one other person this year, then I’ll be very happy with the outcome.

As the festivities and celebrations have come to an end, it seems like a good time to review which decorations are to stay… Before they gather cobwebs for the next 11 months! This year was the first Christmas in our new home and I wanted it to be *special*, so a few new decorations entered our lives. Albeit, some of the older ones stayed in the boxes.

The first Christmas in our last home sadly coincided with the first Christmas without my grandad and hence, we accumulated a lot of hand-me-down decorations. We couldn’t afford much additional at the time so we had held onto these decorations. It’s hard to throw out sentimental items like this, but I will remember my grandad for much more than his dated tinsel!

Simply put, if it didn’t go out on display this year, then it’s leaving our house. I try to keep our Christmas decorations limited to two under bed storage boxes. So, whilst I’m packing away this year, I will limit myself to the same confines.

To help with this, I have started a Pinterest board here for minimalist Christmas decoration inspo!

See you next week for week 2!

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