Simple Living Challenge Week 4: Finish that DIY project!

This is a much tougher task for me. Do you know how long I like to stare at my unfinished work – that truly nags at my core – until I decide to pick up a paintbrush and finish it off? For job interview purposes I have never considered myself bad at finishing off a task, but if my track record of DIY is anything to go by… I would never be employed ever again.

Seriously, it took me 6 months to paint a 2-metre piece of wood and finish the shelves in our living room. The task actually took no more than 30 minutes to complete. I truly underestimate how much procrastinating these jobs stresses me out. They are always the last thing on my list, and hence they are bottom priority. I believe the trick is to set aside a time slot dedicated to finishing this niggly work. Cleaning the kitchen, the bathroom, or hanging up the washing can wait for one evening whilst you prioritise the DIY tasks that are constantly staring in your face.

In one week, I managed to: fit shelves under our stairs, hang up a mirror in the hall, hang up the mirror in the bathroom, and paint the hallway (to dog proof the standard white walls a little). 3 out of 4 of those jobs were things that I have been thinking about doing in every spare ounce of time for nearly a year. I’m grateful that I now dedicated time to complete these. I am no longer walking into rooms with the disappointment that I STILL haven’t found time to take 5 minutes and hang up a mirror. Finishing these little tasks off has left me feeling content in the home, with less of an urge to change decor yet again!

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