Simple Living Challenge Week 5: Stop the spam mail!

Whilst I’m out here trying to simplify my life one week at a time, life seems to feel more hectic than it has done in ages. Without even realising it, life is sneakily taking me back towards the pre-pandemic pace and if I’m honest – I don’t want it! Yet, here I find myself. I’m drafting this blog in the peaceful living room that I curated.

I received a fantastic comment from my dad today which made me beam from ear to ear. When I started mumbling about minimalism a couple of years ago, almost everyone (including those closest to me) laughed. But today, my dad walked out of my living room and exclaimed: “the problem with all this minimalism stuff is that it looks like no one lives here, there’s nothing in there!”

I. Could. Not. Believe. It.

Someone thought my house actually looked minimalist. HA! I didn’t think I was exuding minimalist vibes whatsoever, so it looks like my little efforts are paying off.

Anyway enough chitter chatter for the week… Let’s get down to business. Head to your inbox right now, and unsubscribe from all of the marketing emails you no longer want to see. This is a quick yet tiresome task, so only go back for two weeks. Then, try to make a habit of unsubscribing from emails you no longer want as soon as they land.

I’ve just taken 30 mins to do this. I unsubscribed from the last two weeks of emails. By right-clicking and moving all from “x sender” to bin, I have deleted 1,017 emails?! Gorgeous stuff. And for the rest of it… I “read” the remaining 4,000 emails. Starting fresh and feeling more decluttered.

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