Aura Prints Wedding Stationery Review (Ad)

Last weekend I was blessed to visit my future wedding venue in Tuscany, Italy. Its been such a long time since I posted about my wedding on here… And now the posts that I did write feel redundant! It has now been 16 months since the date of our original wedding, and we still have 5 months left to go.

Things are speeding up and all of a sudden we are having to yet again consider our wedding stationery. One of my biggest hacks for wedding planning early on, was heading to a general printing company instead of an independent who specialises in wedding stationery. As you probably know by now, anything with “wedding” in the title is at least double the price!

One of the recent printing service providers I have come across is Aura Print. When you first check into Aura Print’s homepage – your mind may not immediately head to weddings; but hidden behind the “wedding stationery” tab is a beautiful array of predesigned stationery for you to feast your eyes upon.

Above, I have photographed a wedding sample pack of the stationery sent by Aura Print. There are up to 30 unique paper types to choose from, and each design can be customised with names, dates, locations & more.

The sample pack shows a number of the trendy, pre-designed templates from Aura Print’s website. My personal favourite design is the secret garden pack – shown on the RSVP. I love the natural and simple colours to the design, and the sensical and uninterrupted layout. However, if Aura Print aren’t offering you the design you’d like, they also offer a bespoke in house design service to cater to your every stationery requirement!

And if you’re still not sure, a great feature at Aura Print is that you can order a sample of each design for the single unit cost (plus postage). This isn’t always possible on printing sites as they usually require a minimum order. You’d hate to order a batch of 100 before realising you’ve made a typo!

My favourite products in the sample pack were the save the dates (or STDs for any Brooklyn 99 fans out there), and the tag.

The quality of the save the date card was awesome. I particularly loved the coloured core and the thickness of this product. The coloured core can be selected on most of the products within the wedding stationery section – and is available in 16 different colours.

The tag I liked for its novelty appeal. I thought it could be used for a number of applications. For example, I was thinking it could be designed as an order of service and attached to the neck of a bottled welcome drink. Or, something similar to this which I found on Pinterest – as part of the table arrangements:

Pinterest inspiration

It doesn’t look like the tags are immediately available within the wedding section of the website, however. You’ll have to head to “tags” and select a non-wedding specific product. You then have the option to upload your own design or discuss further with an in house designer. There is also an option to select black & white for the tags, for those watching the £££ on their ever-growing wedding budget!

I know first hand how stressful wedding planning be – especially when it’s already been cancelled twice and it’s planned within another country… I digress. Let Aura Print take away some of the added stress of selecting personalised wedding stationery to match the theme of the day.

I, for one, have completely rebranded my wedding invitations after being issued a third time. I highly recommended heading to Aura Print for new design inspo – so your new invites don’t get mixed up and mistaken for the old ones!

Please note, this is a sponsored post.

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