Eco Review 4: Wild Natural Deodorant

If you are into your eco replacements – and you haven’t heard of Wild Deodorant – have you been living under a rock?! I kid, but they are a pretty big contender in the world of green swaps, and have regular celeb endorsements too. If you are new to this brand, they are a natural, vegan friendly deodorant. The difference and attraction to their product however, is that it is refillable (and the refills are plastic free). Read more to find out more about my experience with this product! … More Eco Review 4: Wild Natural Deodorant

No longer applicable: What to consider when your green list holiday turns amber

We have just finished up a two week trip to Portugal, which we booked when the country was proudly the most desirable place on the green list. One week later – as the whole of the UK knows already – it was struck from the list, without any prior warning that this would be the case. Between this holiday, and last years travels, we have learned a few things along the way. Here are a few things to consider when travelling in the pandemic, even if your desired country is on the green list! … More No longer applicable: What to consider when your green list holiday turns amber

Highlights from Eastern Sardinia

Situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea is the Italian island of Sardinia. Sardinia is remarkably different to the majority of Italy however, as it has gained cultural influence from across the Mediterranean. Their native language, Sardo, is even said to vary from one village to the next depending on the roots of its influence. In September 2020, we drove to Sardini; taking the overnight ferry from Livorno, Italy – and back to Nice, France. In the interest of taking time to relax, we explored the local area of Eastern Sardinia, rather than rushing around to explore the whole island in the 6 nights we were there. Here is a list of the best places we visited… … More Highlights from Eastern Sardinia

Eco Review 3: Smol Fabric Conditioner

Did you know that fabric conditioner contains animal fat? No, neither did I until I stayed in an Airbnb in Paris last year where the friendly host told me that I was welcome to use her homemade fabric conditioner. When having this discussion with others, it doesn’t seem a well-known fact. As voted by you, I have given smol’s fabric conditioner a try over the past month. Read more to see what I thought… … More Eco Review 3: Smol Fabric Conditioner

The 6 best viewpoints in Rome

Rome is one of my favourite cities, and I will visit time and time again without being bored. There’s something about Italy that I find slower paced than life in the UK, in all aspects apart from the crazy Roman road traffic! Rome can be so busy yet so relaxed in a crazily contradictory manner. This post is all about the best viewpoints that I have found in Rome so far. Some of them you may know already, but hopefully some of them you are yet to explore! … More The 6 best viewpoints in Rome

My 30 before 30

I’ve never really been one for goal setting. There has always been a lot that I want to do in life, but I never wanted to put too much pressure on myself. I am however, turning 25 this year – which means I have 5 years until I’m 30! Give yourself a gold star if … More My 30 before 30

Eco Review 2: Eco Bumble Hair Ties

I quickly came across Eco Bumble after a quick search on Etsy for some plastic free/ environmentally friendly alternative products. Based in Manchester, Eco Bumble produce hair ties from natural rubber in lieu of synthetic rubber. According to their marketing, synthetic hair ties can take up to 500 years to degrade and hence, are non recyclable and will end their life in landfill. Find out how I got on with this eco alternative here… … More Eco Review 2: Eco Bumble Hair Ties

Instagram vs. Reality: sharing your experiences of destinations across the world

Like many, the beautiful photos I see on Instagram often influence the places I visit on my trips – but do you ever reach a destination and feel frustrated that the pretty picture didn’t tell you the whole story of the experience? In this post I am sharing the stories of some of my Instagram followers who have felt this way on their travels across the world. … More Instagram vs. Reality: sharing your experiences of destinations across the world