Simple Living Challenge

Minimalism is something I’ve been striving for since the summer of 2020, but unfortunately 2021 wasn’t kind to me and taught me that I am in fact an emotional accumulator of “stuff”. Despite my previous efforts, I can already see the clothes I bought on sale wearing thin (literally), and I am yet again growing tired of the clutter in my home.

At the end of last year I was desperately searching for a Pintrest “minimalist” challenge that went deeper than simply stating “clear out wardrobe” on day 1. Instead, I wrote a list of 30 things that were really nagging at me and I wanted to tackle. I wanted to stay realistic and understand that I – like many – lead a busy life and so, I have set out to tackle one task per week no matter how big or small! Not all of the tasks involve physical decluttering… some clutter in my mind relates to digital, financial or even emotional things I needed to tackle in order to start feeling more free.

Here you will find my personal record of the tasks I’m carrying out to try and “simplify” my lifestyle. This is purely a means of keeping myself accountable, and to kill two birds with one stone as I promised myself I would write more in 2021!