Highlights from Eastern Sardinia

Situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea is the Italian island of Sardinia. Sardinia is remarkably different to the majority of Italy however, as it has gained cultural influence from across the Mediterranean. Their native language, Sardo, is even said to vary from one village to the next depending on the roots of its influence. In September 2020, we drove to Sardini; taking the overnight ferry from Livorno, Italy – and back to Nice, France. In the interest of taking time to relax, we explored the local area of Eastern Sardinia, rather than rushing around to explore the whole island in the 6 nights we were there. Here is a list of the best places we visited… … More Highlights from Eastern Sardinia

My top 5 favourite places in Italy – outside of the cities!

I’m always boasting about Italy being my favourite country to visit, so I often get asked where I would recommend visiting the most. The major cities of Italy – Venice, Florence, Milan, Rome etc. – can all speak for themselves so I wanted to focus this blog on the slightly less recognised places, that you … More My top 5 favourite places in Italy – outside of the cities!