My 30 before 30

I’ve never really been one for goal setting. There has always been a lot that I want to do in life, but I never wanted to put too much pressure on myself. I am however, turning 25 this year – which means I have 5 years until I’m 30! Give yourself a gold star if you worked out the maths too.

Having spent the best my of the year with most of my plans on hold, I’m in a goal setting mood. This, coupled with the fact that I’ve recently read @wheresliv‘s blog on her 30 before 30… I thought I would give it a go myself.

In my little life, I have actually achieved more than I ever thought I would. So after a lot of hard work, the next 5 years are definitely more “play” focus. Here goes:

  1. Get married (finally!)
  2. Attend Eurovision
  3. Visit New York at Christmas/New Years Eve
  4. Attend La Tomatina festival, Valencia
  5. Attend a Holi festival in India
  6. Visit the Great Wall of China
  7. Visit the Pyramids of Giza
  8. Visit Machu Picchu
  9. Visit the Taj Mahal
  10. Learn to ski
  11. Go to Glastonbury
  12. Go to Oktoberfest in Munich
  13. Go ice skating on the canals in Amsterdam
  14. Go to Songkran, Thailand – water fight!
  15. Visit Jerusalem
  16. Go to Cappadocia to see the hot air balloons
  17. Go on a safari
  18. Start a family
  19. Run a major city marathon
  20. Visit Japan
  21. Visit Russia
  22. Confidently hold a conversation in another language
  23. Be able to do 10 pull ups!
  24. Go to a basketball game in the US
  25. Go to a yoga retreat
  26. Road trip with my sisters in the US
  27. Begin regular public speaking/ teaching
  28. Read a book in another language
  29. Do the 3 peaks challenge (UK) with my doggies
  30. Attend the FIFA World Cup

Do you have any goals for the next 5 years? I would love to hear them!

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